Dismantled: A Novel - Jennifer McMahon

Another reviewer put it perfectly, I feel like I worked way too hard to get to the end.  It was painful and boring at times but I love the two other books I've read by McMahon so I felt obligated to see this one through.  While I was interested to see how she pulled it all together, I was fairly disappointed in the ending.  I also wasn't as invested in the ending as I usually am with her.  I wasn't excited when I realized I had been correct in my ending guess.  


In the interest of full disclosure, unlike on Booklikes, Amazon has tons of positive reviews for this book so don't necessarily turn down the book because of us reviewers here.  I would recommend you chose Promise Not To Tell or Island of Lost Girls both by McMahon instead.  If you do pick this book up, I recommend you take it out of the library.