Incredibly Intriguing

Island of Lost Girls - Jennifer McMahon

I started and finished this book in a 24 hour period.  The plot is incredibly intriguing and little twists and turns lead you to an ending you weren't entirely expecting.  I thought I had it figured out so many times and in fact actually at one point or another had a couple pieces of it.  


I had a hard time deciding between 4.5 and 5 stars.  The characters are not overly likable.  The intriguing plot and mystery keeps you turning the page (rapidly) but you're not going to necessarily feel what the characters are feeling throughout the story or even in the end.   There also were a few too many coincidences that made the story just a little past crazy and into completely unrealistic.  It's a fun book for entertainment though so you really can't dock McMahon for that. Overall, 4.5 stars.


I recommend this book for anyone who has read other Jennifer McMahon novels, anyone who likes a mystery, and lovers of realistic fiction.