Dense and Long But Rightfully So

The Price of Silence: The Duke Lacrosse Scandal, the Power of the Elite, and the Corruption of Our Great Universities - William D. Cohan

This is the second book I read about the Duke lacrosse scandal.  It is the denser and more difficult read of the two books and looks at the events that led to everything that occurred in Durham that year from many different angles.  


The thing I find most interesting about this book is the fact that to this day it is hotly debated what occurred behind closed doors in that off campus residence.  Both sides are still adament that they know the truth.  I have followed this case for years and am always interested in finding new information and definitely lean one way.  If you peruse the reviews of this book, many feel the book is written in a very one sided manner.  That being said, if you know nothing about the Duke lacrosse scandal it is important you take the information with a grain of salt and investigate from both sides.  


I read the book in small chunks while laying by the pool.  It is a lot of information, incredibly long and not always the most flowing book so feel free to break it up into pieces.  This is a lot easier if you do have background knowledge of the case so it is easy to not forget what Mr. Cohan has already shared. 


Be forewarned, this book can be very hit or miss.  You'll most likely love or hate it, very few people I know fell in between.  I belong to the love category but completely understand those who gave up after 50 pages.